WWE Wrestlemania 31 Soccer Jersey

Tonight March 29 2015 is the biggest night of the year in wrestling, it’s Wrestlemania 31 and to mark the occasion WWE have released a special Wrestlemania 31 soccer jersey!

 Wrestlemania 31 Soccer Jersey

This unique WWE football shirt has a black base colour and features a red sash running from the top of the left shoulder down to the bottom left corner of the jersey. Two thick red stripes are placed on the top of the shoulders in a similar way Adidas use their familiar three stripes. The ‘V’ neck collar is red but has thin black trim running through the middle of it. 

The Wrestlemania 31 logo appears on the right breast whilst a WWE badge is placed on the left with 3 stars above it, each representing ten years of Wrestlemania.

The Wrestlemania name appears in the middle of the soccer jersey coloured white.


A white ’31’ appears on the back in tribute to WWE’s marquee event that is in it’s thirty first year. White cuffs complete the WWE Wrestlemania 31 football shirt.


    WrestleMania 31 takes place at 12am UK time in San Francisco Bay Area at Levi’s® Stadium.

    The match card featuring the likes of Sting, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker is pictured below.


    British wrestler Wade Barrett is pictured wearing the soccer jersey below.


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