Unboxing A £500 Retro Football Shirts Mystery Box

Over the past few weeks The Kitman has been working on a mystery box of football shirts for Ellis Platten who runs the Youtube channel AwayDays. Ellis hasn’t had much luck with his previous mystery kit boxes so we reached out to Ellis to offer him a box of our products.

Anyone that has seen Ellis’s previous mystery kit boxes will know that he has spent hundreds of pounds of his own money on these boxes which mostly contained children’s shirts, fakes or shirts with peoples names on the back. (the best being ‘Kniv’!)

Although it was entertaining to see his reaction to some of the shirts he was receiving we felt it was about time Ellis got a bit of value for his money.

Ellis had £500 to spend on mystery kit boxes, £220 of which was spent with The Kitman on genuine football shirts, jackets and t-shirts.

Please what the full video but if you want to jump straight to the unboxing of The Kitman’s mystery box go straight to 13:44mins. Enjoy!!!

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