Plymouth Argyle x Ginsters x Project 35 Shirt Sponsorship Deal

Interesting football kit news from League One as a unique Plymouth Argyle x Ginsters x Project 35 shirt sponsorship deal has been announced ahead of the 2022-23 season.

Plymouth Argyle x Ginsters x Project 35 Shirt Sponsorship Deal
Plymouth Argyle x Ginsters x Project 35 Shirt Sponsorship Deal

The unique deal will see Ginsters remain as the club’s main shirt sponsor although they will done the space on the front of the 2022-23 Plymouth Argyle shirts to Project 35, a social action initiative aimed at reducing poverty in Plymouth.

Plymouth Argyle Head of Commercial Operations, James Greenacre, said: “This is the most exciting and ambitious front of shirt partnership I have been involved in at the club, and we cannot wait to bring it to life in the season ahead. Project 35 has the potential to have a huge impact on our local community, using the power of Argyle for social good.”

Andrew Parkinson, Argyle Chief Executive Officer and Argyle Community Trust trustee, said: “Firstly, I must express our gratitude to our partners at Ginsters for their incredible backing of Project 35 – the opportunity to effect change in our community would not be as great without their participation.

“Project 35 is a chance for us at Argyle to give back to Plymouth after decades of unwavering support – through good times and bad. The club deeply understands its position in the city, and we have a responsibility to represent our people.

“The figures on child poverty are stark, and times are tough for a lot of families. Ultimately, being able to be involved in football is a privilege – but the last few years have shown us that it is not the same without a shared passion in the stands.

“A strong Plymouth is a strong Argyle, and we are excited to play our part with Project 35.”

Sam Mitchell the Managing Director of Ginsters, said: “It’s an absolute honour to be involved with such an important initiative in the local area and in partnership with the great Plymouth Argyle.”

“The statistics surrounding food poverty across Devon and Cornwall are shocking; and being the largest food manufacturer in the region, we believe it’s our duty to support our local community in partnership with Argyle, which we will do through the provision of free lunches and with the donation of this season’s shirt space to increase awareness of the project.”

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