Norwich City Shirts to Feature Rainbow Coloured Shirt Sponsors

News from the Championship as the Norwich City shirts will feature rainbow coloured shirt sponsors to mark LGBT+ History Month.

Norwich City Shirts to Feature Rainbow Coloured Shirt Sponsors

The men’s Norwich City shirts will see the Lotus, Sekura, and Turismo de Gran Canaria logos rainbow coloured for the fixture against Cardiff City on February 17th whilst the women’s shirt sponsor logos, Sekura, The Harper Hotel, and Eleven Sports Media will be rainbow coloured for their fixture on February 18th.

The matchworn shirts will be auctioned to raise money for the Stonewall charity.

Norwich City executive director Zoe Webber said: “Norwich City is a home for everyone, and these changes to our shirt for LGBT+ History Month give a highly visible reminder of our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Without the support and enthusiasm from our partners, it would be impossible for us to mark LGBT+ History Month in such a prominent fashion, and for this we are grateful to them all.”

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