New Norwich City Crest Unveiled

Yesterday evening the new Norwich City crest was officially unveiled by the club.

New Norwich City Crest Unveiled​
New Norwich City Crest Unveiled

The crest is a simplified version of the old crest that has been used by the club for the past 50 years.

Current Norwich City Crest

The lion, canary and castle have all been redesigned so the crest renders better in both small and large scale.

The black outline has been removed whilst the ball the canary is sitting on has been centred.

Norwich City’s new club crest will be formally introduced from 17th June 2022 and will feature on next season’s 2022-23 kits.

Commercial director Sam Jeffery said, “This is a huge moment in the history of Norwich City Football Club and a real statement of intent for the future. For the first time in 50 years the club will adopt a newly evolved crest, fit for digital purpose, iconic and most importantly accessible for all.

“It’s a project two years in the making and one that has been treated with the utmost sensitivity and care by those lucky enough to have been involved within the club’s working group.

“Having garnered feedback from numerous stakeholders, both internally and externally, it was always going to be an evolution and not a revolution. We’re extremely proud of the outcome.”

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