Club Atlético Paranaense 90th Anniversary Shirt Made By Umbro

Today Umbro released a special limited edition Club Atlético Paranaense 90th Anniversary shirt.

Club Atlético Paranaense will wear the new kit for the first time during their Copa Libertadores match against Velez Sarfield today.

The new jersey is coloured claret which is colour that is made when the clubs traditional colours of red and black are mixed. The Club Atlético Paranaense shirt features two shades of claret in the form of vertical stripes, the same design that is used on the clubs home jersey.

A gold Umbro logo is placed on the right breast whilst the Argentine clubs initials CAP are placed on the left breast.

The players shirts will feature shirt sponsor ‘Caixa’, in the middle of the front of the jersey and below the players squad number on the back, both coloured golden although the 3000 limited edition shirts that are available to buy won’t contain the sponsor.


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