Bristol Rovers To Retain Current Club Crest

Football kit news from League One as Bristol Rovers have announced that they have halted the process for a new club badge and will retain the current crest.

Bristol Rovers To Retain Current Club Crest

The current Bristol Rovers crest has been in use for the passed 25 years and so the club felt it was time to modernise it as it can cause issues when applied to merchandise using modern techniques.

Bristol Rovers gave supporters the chance to get involved in the following three surveys.

The first allowed initial feedback to be shared on all aspects of the crest; this resulted in a strong resistance to a circular template-style crest and had a small majority of supporters that were open to change. As there was a majority, it was decided that the process would continue to see if a consensus could be gained.

The second survey took the predominant themes that were mentioned in the initial surveys and gave some examples to further fuel conversation and input across three areas – shape, imagery and font. Again, there were clear preferences for one option in each category, with a majority of supporters in favour of each choice.

The third survey then pulled together the selected options into an initial concept crest, with a view to garnering further feedback to work towards a position where we could create a final crest through more in-depth focus groups.

After the third survey it was clear from the feedback that the majority of club’s supporters who took part were not happy with the concept design and so they have halted the process and will continue to use the current crest.

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