AS Roma to End Football Kit Deal with Kappa

Italian Serie A side AS Roma are terminating their current football kit deal with Kappa after ‘serious defects found in the technical material and the line of clothing produced’.

The statement on the Official Roma Website states:

“In consideration of the serious defects found in the technical material and the line of clothing produced by BASIC ITALIA S.p.A. for the 2012/13 season, the A.S. Roma S.p.A. board of directors has decided to cancel the contract with the technical sponsor with immediate effect due to BASIC ITALIA’s non-performance of contractual obligations. The board of directors reserve the right to pursue A.S. Roma’s best interests through the appropriate channels. The A.S. Roma team will continue to wear the technical material with the Kappa brand until the end of the current season“

Kappa’s deal with AS Roma was due to run until 2016, and a Kappa spokesmen has state the manufacturers intention to take the matter to court.

AS Roma are thought to be interested in striking a deal with an American company to manufacture their football kits, with Warrior thought to be Roma’s first choice.

2 thoughts on “AS Roma to End Football Kit Deal with Kappa

  1. Sam says:

    Pardon my french but… Kappa should be called Krappa, their kits are fucking shite… As a fulham fan we had to put up with these crap kits for 3 seasons… was a nightmare, stupid sizing, material, feel etc… shirts only fitted ok if you were an athlete, not the typical football fan… surprised the company is still in business…

  2. elroy81 says:

    Agreed! Im a Spurs fan, when we had Krappa I had exactly the same issues as you, stupid sizing, crap material, worst kits we’ve ever had by far!

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