Worst Football Kits Of All Time?

Oh dear,what were they thinking? These kits have to rank in the worlds worst. Who’s idea was it to ruin the beautiful game with such horrors. Do we really need to endure the embarrassment of our club running around on a Saturday afternoon in what can only be described as fashion monstrosity’s.

Goalkeepers seem to have beared the brunt of the hideous creations over the years,take for example David Seamans Euro 1996 laughable kit nicknamed “the refresher” as it resembled the sweets with the same name or Mexican Jorge Campos who cant blame anyone other than himself as he was responsible for his own designs,  we can only assume his reasoning behind this multicoloured delight worn in the 1994 world cup was to dazzle the opponent and put them off even approaching the goal area. Players were heard after the game screaming “my eyes,my eyes”.

Hull city reached a whole new level of fashion disaster in the 92-93 season when they went for this tiger print delight, yes your nickname is the tigers but please getting Del Boy to design a new season strip was a terrible idea.

Norwich City FC took their nickname the canaries to a whole new level by covering the 92/93 home (yes home) kit in bird poo, either that or it had done a round of paint ball! Quite frankly a vomit inducing design. On the other hand in the 91/92 season northern club Huddersfield went on trend with this catching tie dye affect, it wouldn’t look out of place on the shores of Hawaii or on a darts player. What’s surprising though is it actually outsold the home kit that season. Huddersfield fans we salute you.

We would love your suggestions for more football fashion disasters that offended our eyes whether its Chelsea’s vile graphite and orange kit in the 94-95 season or Manchester United’s 12-13 gingham picnic cloth kit,  please feel free to comment below

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