Weird and Wonderful Football Shirt Sponsors

Yes Joe Jordan really does have pooh on his shirt!  Shirt sponsor is an important source of revenue for football clubs but over the years there has been some seriously strange and funny collaborations between club and sponsor. From AC Milan’s 1981 deal with Pooh jeans (umm the sweet smell of success!) to Oxford United’s partnership with Wang computers (whose motto,believe it or not was “Wang cares”).

Denmark dropped from 15th in the FIFA world rankings to 38th when sponsored by energy firm Dong,and Brighton FC were relegated to division 3 when there shirts were emblazoned with the sponsor Nobo in the 86-87 season,causing rivals to add the letters d and y to the grounds advertising board which declared  “NOBO sponsors Brighton”.

In 1991 Scottish club St Johnstone struck up a sponsorship deal with Bonar textiles and as expected with a sponsor called Bonar things went up for the saints as in the first year with the sponsor they won the Scottish first division and reached the Scottish cup semis (no pun intended). Staying in Scotland, in the height of their career in the mid 90s, the band wet wet wet sponsored their home town club Clydebank. Unsurprisingly the away fans endured lots of banter for wearing the drippy shirt! ahh what happened to “love is all around”.

Port Vale FC decided in the 85-86 season to go with the local bus company (potteries motor traction) as their sponsor resulting in 11 men running around the pitch with PMT across their chests. It was reported after a really disappointing game that the number 9  blamed missing an absolute sitter on it being  the wrong time of the month! Not surprising this deal lasted only one season.

So from Dong to Wang, Pooh to Nobo we celebrate the funny sponsorship deals, if you know of any other funny/strange ones or have suggestions for odd sponsors please let us know and comment below.

One thought on “Weird and Wonderful Football Shirt Sponsors

  1. Anfield42 says:

    Sure Scarborough were sponsored by death vodka In the 90s. PMT is the worst I’ve seen who thought that was a good idea

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