Usain Bolt Soccer Aid 2018 World XI Shirt

News with a difference this evening as Usain Bolt will wear a unique football shirt during Soccer Aid 2018 that will see his World Record time appear on his back rather than a squad number.

Usain Bolt Soccer Aid 2018 Shirt

Shortly a World XI team led by the retired athlete will face an England XI in the yearly Soccer Aid fixture that sees all proceeds go to Unicef.

Usain Bolt Soccer Aid 2018 Shirt

The World XI Soccer Aid 2018 shirt is predominantly black with turquoise trim on the collar and cuffs whilst the Puma logo on the right breast and the match details in the centre of the chest are also coloured turquoise.

On the left breast is the Soccer Aid 2018 XI badge.

Unicef, ITV and STV have their logos on the front of the football shirt coloured white.

On the top of the back is ‘BOLT’ with his World record time, 9.58 beneath.

Again the Unicef, ITV and STV logo’s appear on the shirt but in the lower back area.

4 thoughts on “Usain Bolt Soccer Aid 2018 World XI Shirt

  1. Mr Cooper says:

    A cannot obtIn any shirt from Jd sport they didn’t seem to know anything about them referred me to sports direct still unable to get hold of one any ideas.?

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