Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 Nike Home Kit

Football kit news from the English Premier League this morning as the new Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 Nike home kit has been officially unveiled this morning, confirming the previous leaked images on The Kitman!

Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 Nike Home Kit

The 2020-21 Spurs home shirt is white with an all over pattern created by reimagined graphics from old Tottenham shirts.

Navy colour blocks appear at the start of the shoulders whilst the navy flap over collar features yellow trim.

Both the Nike logo on the right breast and the Spurs crest on the left breast are coloured navy whilst the AIA shirt sponsor is coloured red.

Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 Nike Home Kit

A navy zigzag stripe with thin yellow trim runs down both sides of the jersey.

Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 Nike Home Kit

The tonal pattern continues on the back of the football shirt.

Navy shorts with white socks complete the 2020-21 Tottenham Hotspur home kit made by Nike.

Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 Nike Home Kit

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2 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur 2020-21 Nike Home Kit

  1. Leeds United Tom says:

    This is a marmite kit. Some Spurs fans are going to love it and it might even become iconic. On the other hand, the blocky haphazard design doesn’t gel with the fantastic watermarked pattern on the torso. It’s going to received mixed opinions and, if I’m honest, Spurs have had some lovely elegant and simple kits recently; for me, the current one doesn’t quite gel with current fashion and I’d expect more from Nike.

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