Tottenham Hotspur 2014/15 Home Shirt Leaked?

We have been sent a leaked image of what appears to be the new Tottenham 2014/15 home football shirt made by Under Armour.

The leaked image of the Spurs home jersey shows that it will have the traditional white base colour although it features yellow and navy blue details on the unique collar and has a navy blue horizontal stripe that runs across the top of the chest and on to the sleeves.

A navy UA logo is placed on the right breast whilst the THFC badge is placed on the left breast.

Tottenham’s new shirt sponsor is the current cup shirt sponsor ‘AIA’, and this appears in the middle of the jersey coloured red which is sure to cause a stir amongst Spurs fans.


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Please Note: We are not claiming that this is a genuine Spurs shirt, it clearly isn’t by the position of the UA logo and badge, but our source claims the actual details, collar, trim, navy blue stripe etc are what will be used on the new Tottenham home shirt.

We will have to wait and see!

21 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur 2014/15 Home Shirt Leaked?

  1. sharpy says:

    Its a photo so I think you’ll find the badge on the right tit and ua logo on the left tit looking at the picture

  2. Sydneyspurs says:

    This mob just makes up their own design and puts it on the web. They do it each season and not one shirt has turned out to be genuine. What a crock

  3. elroy81 says:

    Haha no you are correct mate 🙂 My source who claims to have seen the shirt says that the actual design/trim etc is 99% correct obviously the badge and UA logo are on opposite sides. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Genuine or fake I hope it doesn’t have a navy stripe across the chest tho!

  4. Dublin Yid says:

    The fact that it is being modelled by an asian girl, say it all really. I hope it isnt…GROSS !!

  5. Not a ginger person says:

    As long as no one Irish is involved, I couldn’t care less what the kit looked like.

  6. akispurs says:

    if it is the flip from the mirroe, the logo will be on the flip side too. so this is not from the mirror. pls go to a mirror and look now. anyway, not sure if this is real.

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