Tottenham 2014/15 Away Shirt Leaked?

We have been sent an image today which could prove to be the new Tottenham 2014/15 away shirt made by Under Armour.


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The leaked Tottenham Hotspur 2014/15 away jersey has a base colour of navy blue but has a yellow vertical stripe running down each side of the jersey and yellow trim on the end of the cuffs.

Eleven vertical yellow pinstripes run from the bottom of the round neck collar and gradually fade out at the top of the chest. Current Tottenham cup shirt sponsor AIA are the North London clubs main shirt sponsor from 14/15 and they have their name in the middle of the jersey coloured white. The eleven vertical pinstripes fade back in under the sponsor and run to the bottom of the shirt.

A white UA logo is placed on the right breast whilst the Tottenham cockerel is placed on the left breast also coloured white. A shiny Tottenham crest is placed in the bottom right corner of the shirt.

3 thoughts on “Tottenham 2014/15 Away Shirt Leaked?

  1. Smoothkaos says:

    This kit is sick! Under Armour is making fantastic kits for Spurs and I hope they sponsor more teams in the future if this is going to be their M-O. I still want Chelsea to keep Adidas as the 3 stripes is my favorite brand on my favorite team but nonetheless Under Armour would be better than Puma and Nike.

  2. Sydneyspurs says:

    I don’t believe this shirt will be anything to do with Spurs. For a start the AIA would be in red, no matter what. However I do like the design

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