Thousands of Fake Football Shirts Siezed

Fake Football Shirts
Online Christmas shoppers have been warned about buying football shirts online after 1000’s were seized near Heathrow Airport.

Fake football shirts from clubs such as Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool were detected at the Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre (HWDC) at Langley in Berkshire, the Royal Mail’s International postal hub.

Most of the fake football shirts were brought over the internet and were destined for addresses across the UK. The vast majority of the shirts were cheap Replicas that were made in Thailand and other countries in the Far East.

Online shoppers thought they were getting a bargain picking these shirts up for £20, which is less that half the RRP. But they now face losing there money as all confirmed counterfeit shirts will be destroyed.

Home Office minister Mark Harper said: ‘Cheap counterfeits undercut honest traders leaving shoppers with goods that are at best inferior and, at worst, harmful or unsafe. They are a serious threat to the British economy in terms of lost profits and tax revenues.

‘Border Force officers operate at ports, airports and mail sorting centres to intercept counterfeit goods to protect British consumers and business.

‘Unsuspecting members of the public are parting with hard earned cash for these shirts as Christmas presents but they will be left disappointed when they discover these are illegal fakes. Shoppers should take great care when buying online to avoid being ripped-off and further fuelling this illegal trade.’

A Premier League spokesperson said: ‘We work closely with Border Force to protect Premier League fans from being ripped-off by sellers of counterfeit goods.

‘Many fans buy what they believe to be genuine replica kits and other club merchandise only to end up with poor quality fakes with the money used to pay for them often funding other criminal activity.

‘We advise all football fans to purchase replica shirts from official club stores, club websites, or properly licensed retailers.

Fake Football Shirts from Far East

Please be safe when buying football shirts on ebay or professional looking websites where the price looks too good to be true.

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2 thoughts on “Thousands of Fake Football Shirts Siezed

  1. Duc says:

    I heard an item on fake shirts on R4 and in the programme the maker of the fake shirts said his shirts was of higher quality than the originals and a third of the price. Cops in manchester were some of his customers too!

  2. elroy81 says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, and I brought a ‘Genuine’ XL home shirt off of Ebay, it was skin tight and the quality was shocking! Problem is people will buy them because the are half the cost of the official shirts.

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