Special Parma Calcio 1913 AntiBacterial 2019-20 Errea Home Kit Vrs Inter

During today’s Italian Serie A fixture against Inter, Parma Calcio will wear a anti-bacterial version of their 2019-20 home kit made Errea.

Parma Calcio 1913 AntiBacterial 2019-20 Errea Home Kit

The unique 2019-20 Parma Calcio 1913 home shirt is made out of Errea Sport’s special new highly technical fabric which will offer the players protection against germs and bacteria.

As a result of the experience Errea gained in the use of nanotechnologies since 2008 the Italian brand have perfected the technology during the Covid-19 pandemic and revealed a new Ti-energy fabric.

Thanks to the use of two different technologies one involving the presence of zinc oxide nanoparticles which give the antibacterial quality’s and the second is Minusnine J1+ treatment that guarantees impermeability to liquids.

Combined the two create an effective barrier against droplets, liquids, micro organisms and chaffing due to sweat.

The Errea Ti-energy fabric is water repellent and ensures that any liquid slides off in the form of beads.

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