RC Lens 2018-19 Kits Released

News from France now as the new RC Lens 2018-19 kits made by Macron have been officially revealed.

RC Lens 2018-19 Kits Released

The 2018-19 RC Lens home shirt is red with a thick yellow centre stripe that features a thin black stripe either side. The stripe is broken to make way for the clubs sponsor which is coloured white.

The cuffs are red and yellow whilst the collar is black and yellow.

RC Lens 2018-19 Kits Released

RC Lens away shirt 2018-19 is dark grey with a dark green collar and cuffs.

RC Lens 2018-19 Kits Released

The RC Lens third jersey is predominantly white with a red and yellow collar.

Red and yellow trim also appears on the cuffs.

Unlike the other two RC Lens football shirts the sponsor is coloured red.

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