Puma 2021 Italy ‘Ultraweave’ Shirt Unveiled

International football kit news as yesterday the new Puma 2021 Italy ‘Ultraweave’ shirt was officially unveiled.

Puma 2021 Italy ‘Ultraweave’ Shirt Unveiled
Puma 2021 Italy ‘Ultraweave’ Shirt Unveiled

The new Italy shirt uses Puma’s new Ultraweave technology which sees woven fabric used in a four way mechanical elasticity making the jersey way only 72 grams.

Puma 2021 Italy ‘Ultraweave’ Shirt Unveiled ​

Ultraweave is a unique combination of fabric, pattern and finishes making this Puma’s most unique and lightest football shirt to date.

Puma 2021 Italy ‘Ultraweave’ Shirt Unveiled ​

The woven fabric features a two dimensional rip stop structure which increases player’s movability whilst also dramatically reducing the weight of the jersey.

Another reduction in weight is achieved by the pattern which reduces the normal 4-8 panels that make up a jersey to just two main panels, reducing the amount of seams and stitches that normally make up a shirt.

Finally the Ultraweave jersey features a new printing technique for team, federation and Puma logos which is lighter and more breathable than its predecessors.

Italy will debut the new Ultraweave jersey when they face Spain this evening in the Nations League.

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