Proposed New Cambridge United Crest Revealed

Football kit news from League One as a proposed new Cambridge United crest has been revealed.

Proposed New Cambridge United Crest Revealed
Proposed New Cambridge United Crest Revealed

The club have unveiled its potential new crest after months of consultation and workshops in the design process.

Proposed New Cambridge United Crest Revealed

In May a survey was sent out to 27,000 supporters asking for their feedback on a potential new club crest, with the results revealing that a change was due.

The Cambridge United owner, Paul Barry said, “

We are proud of our past. Equally we are ambitious for the future. The multi-million pound investment in the last two years to upgrade the training ground and buy back the Abbey Stadium are signals of our collective intent.

We firmly believe that our best days can lie ahead and we know that you, the fans, share that ambition.

We are also very proud of our city – its past, present and future. It is a place that attracts millions of people every year from every part of the world and is a name that is globally recognised.

To continue progressing, we will need to continue investing within an ever more financially competitive environment. That means using every asset we have, and we believe our identity is critical.

Our visual identity and what it says about us is important not just to our fans but also to potentially millions of people visiting the city every year.

Whatever different views of our current Crest’s design, we recognise that there is of course affection for it.

For many it is all they have known and for all it represents something we all love – our football club. It has heritage through use but when it was designed in 1986, was done so without any reference to our history.

We believe we can do better – most critically, have something that better reflects our identity and history as a Club and city. Our city is the birthplace of the rules of the game and gave football to the world. We should celebrate that again.

From Owners and Board down, there is a high level of excitement for what has been created and we are grateful to the Shadow Board for their important contribution over recent months.

We firmly believe this new crest design takes us ‘Back to the Future’. As with anything new, it does take some time to consider and reflect on. We will be putting out a survey next week to get your views. We hope you like it too.

Paying homage to the name of the city and Magdalene Bridge, with its turrets that run above the River Cam.

This ‘Masthead/Crown’ that stands above the rest of the elements is a refinement from the current crest, which shows a more recognisable bridge as part of the design.

Front-and-centre of the design lies the updated and more modernised version of the existing CU.

The original survey results showed that this was one of the most popular features from previous/existing crests that supporters would like to see in any potential new design.

The lettering style cleverly creates the angles of our next element.

The Book and Ball is an icon of Cambridge United’s history and has been reinvented for the future in the new Crest.

A nod to the rules of football that were invented in Cambridge, now adopted by the F.A. Cambridge is also renowned for academia, the most famous city in the world to study.

The traditional panelled football pays tribute to the classic 1974 ball design.

The full design seamlessly combines all elements to create one Crest, which speaks to the history and tradition of the Club and City, whilst looking dynamic and modern in its design.

We believe that we have created a Crest which honours the Club’s past whilst looks ahead to the future. It’s clever but simple design re-imagines several traditional elements that have resonance with the Club and its supporters.

The proposed new Crest is flexible but always recognisable. The border colour can be changed from amber to white depending on where it sits. The Cambridge United text can be included or removed.

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