Parma Calcio 1913 2015/16 Kits Made By Errea Unveiled

News from Italy as the new Parma Calcio 1913 (formerly Parma FC) 2015/16 kits made by Errea have been officially unveiled.


Parma Calcio 1913 were formed in July 27th 2015 as a successor to Parma FC who become bankrupt and dissolved back in March 2015. Parma will start from the bottom of Italy’s league structure Serie D.

The new Parma 2015-16 home shirt is white with a black cross on the front. Manufacturer Errea have their logo on the cross in the middle of the chest coloured white whilst the club badge appears on the left breast.

A black collar and cuffs complete the 15/16 Parma home jersey.

The Italian sides away jersey has a similar design as the home with a blue base colour and a yellow cross on the front. The difference being that the away shirt has a unique blue and yellow collar that runs down the from of the cross with a blue Errea logo below it. Again the club crest appears on the left breast.

What are your thoughts on the Parma 2015/16 Kits made by Errea? Please comment below.

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