Official Arsenal 13/14 Away Kit Teaser!

Here is the Official Arsenal 13/14 away kit teaser video that shows a yellow shirt (made by Nike) & confirms the release date as 9/7/13.

Puma don’t take over from Nike until the 2014/15 season so The Gunners will still be wearing Nike kits and training wear for 2013/14 as your’ll see from the presentation.

Arsenal Away Kit Teaser Video:


In the Video you will notice Theo Walcot and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain wearing a hoodie and a training jacket respectivly, but the most intresting part of the video is when you pause it at 0.17 seconds, you see Carl Jenkinson wearing a shirt which matches the the collar of the Arsenal away jersey we leaked months ago!

Arsenal 13/14 Away Shirt

The new AFC kit will be revealed on 9/7/13 so not much longer to wait.

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