Odd Sleeved FC Groningen 2014/15 Home & Away Shirts Leaked?

Is this one of the strangest football kit designs EVER! The leaked FC Groningen 2014/15 Home & Away Shirts have 1 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve!

FC Groningen are a Dutch club from Groningen who play in the Netherlands top-tier of football the Eredivisie.

From the start of the 2014/15 season current kit manufacturers Klupp will be replaced by Masita.

The leaked image of the new FC Groningen sees a white base colour but with two vertical green stripes that run down through each breast down to the bottom of the jersey. A green ‘Y’ neck collar is has two thin stripes either side of it on the shoulders, a hallmark of the upcoming kits made by Masita.

The Groningen Coat Of Arms is placed on the right breast whist the FCG badge is placed on the left breast. Essent sponsor the front of the jersey coloured red whilst Energy Valley sponsor the back of the shirt coloured black.

But by far the most distinctive part of the jersey is that the right sleeve is short and the left sleeves is long! Now this could be just and early design in which they added both types of sleeves to the design to see what looks better but surely you would make two separate designs?

FC Groningen 2014/15 Home Jersey

FC Groningen’s away shirt sees the right half coloured black and the left half coloured green although both the short right sleeve and the long right sleeve are coloured black. The Groningen Coat Of Arms is embedded into the front of the shirt. The FCG badge, manufacturer name and both the shirt sponsor on the front and back are all coloured white.

FC Groningen 2014/15 Away Jersey

So is having one long sleeve and one short sleeve a genuine design idea or is it just an early design template?

UPDATE: We emailed FC Groningen to find out what the deal was with the sleeves and they confirmed that it is just a design template and they WON’T be wearing one long sleeve and one short sleeve.

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