North London Inspired Spurs Kit 2018-19?

News from the English Premier League as the leaked Tottenham Hotspur third 2018-19 appears to be inspired by North London.

North London Inspired Spurs Kit 2018-19?

At first glance the 2018-19 Spurs third shirt appears to have a random graphic on the front of the jersey but on closer inspection it appears the graphic is in fact inspired by North London.

North London Inspired Spurs Kit 2018-19?

This is yet to be confirmed but The Kitman will bring you more details as we get them.

Pictured below are the new Tottenham Hotspur shirts 2018-19 which are set to be officially released shortly.

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5 thoughts on “North London Inspired Spurs Kit 2018-19?

  1. Phillip Duggan says:

    Hate the home kit and always will as long as they put red on it!
    Don’t mind the away kit and the 3rd kit is growing on me, especially now the pattern has been explained. Definitely the away or 3rd kit for me!

  2. Dys the Yid says:

    If this is map of north london then if my geography is correct finsbury park would be located in and around the 1st A in the sponsor meaning the emirates would feature on the shirt. Surely not!

  3. Alan Hunt says:

    Why are we so ashamed of our name? Its about time Tottenham Hotspur appeared under our club badge again.

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