New Liverpool 13/14 Away Shirt Leaked?

Here’s the clearest picture yet of what looks to be the new Liverpool 13/14 Away Shirt made by Warrior Sports.

Its fair to say that when we leaked the shirt a month or so ago it was not exactly a hit with the Liverpool supporters and many hoped it was just a fake, but the image below seems to suggest that The Reds could be wearing this away from Anfield next season.

Liverpool Away Shirt 13/14

The base colour of the new Liverpool away shirt is white but features a funky 90’s looking grey, black & red pattern running from the middle of the jersey to the bottom. The Warrior logo and the shirt sponsor, ‘Standard Chartered’ are both coloured red whilst the Liverpool badge is coloured gold.

What do you think of the Liverpool 13/14 Away Shirt?

2 thoughts on “New Liverpool 13/14 Away Shirt Leaked?

  1. Mark Hughes says:

    This is the most terrifying picture I’ve seen because it looks like it’s next to the actual home shirt.
    It can’t be surely, genuinely the worst thing I’ve ever seen, not just shirt, thing, of any description. On the apprentice last week they were asked to design an innovative item of furniture and the girls team made a grey box on wheels (nothing more). Compared to this that box seemed like a Botticelli.

  2. elroy81 says:

    Haha yeah I see that on the Apprentice. I hate to say it but im 99% certain this is legit, Ive got a picture somewhere that shows the new Purple shirt in the background while they were modelling the new home kit. Ill find it and add it.

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