New BBC Drama Banned From Using Arsenal Football Shirts By The Club

New BBC Drama ‘By Any Means’ has been banned from using Official Arsenal Football Shirt’s during filming by the club.

Arsenal officials were said to be unhappy with the opening sequence of the first episode of the new Police drama in which detectives tricked an Arsenal supporter into meeting them by offering him a tour of the Emirates Stadium. The Arsenal fan who had skipped bail arrives at a fake Arsenal office set up by the Police where he is arrested. The copper tells him: ‘You are under arrest for being an Arsenal fan… anything you do say will be ignored.’

The dim Arsenal fan says ‘We’re not going to Emirates, izit?’ before being loaded onto a bus full of other criminals who have fallen for the same scam. The policeman then tells his colleague ‘They aren’t just crooks… it’s worse than that, they’re Gooners!’

After hearing about the scene AFC moved quickly to ban the production company, Red Planet Pictures from using the official Arsenal home shirt’s. A spokesman for Red Planet said ‘As this was refused the production team took the decision to use generic tops which did not feature logos.’


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