Napoli 2019-20 District Fourth Kit

Over the weekend the new Napoli 2019-29 District fourth kit made by Kappa was officially unveiled.

Napoli 2019-20 District Fourth Kit

The 2019-20 Napoli fourth shirt is inspired by the 30 districts that make up the city of Naples and sees a black jersey featuring a tonal grey camo like pattern on the front.

Napoli 2019-20 District Fourth Kit

Both the collar and cuffs are coloured blue as are the Kappa logos on the right breast and sides of the shoulders as well as the Napoli logo on the left breast.

Napoli 2019-20 District Fourth Kit

Lete have their logo on the chest whilst MSC have their logo beneath that.

Napoli 2019-20 District Fourth KitThe sides of the football shirt and the top of the sleeves remain black.

Napoli 2019-20 District Fourth Kit

On the back of the neck is blue SSC Napoli lettering.

On the lower back is the Kimbo sponsor with the camo like effort underneath that.

Grey shorts and socks with blue details complete the 2019-20 Napoli District fourth kit.

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