Millwall FC 2015/16 Macron Away Kit Vote

The new Millwall FC 2015/16 Macron away kit will be put to the public vote with fans from all clubs able to choose from the four different designs made up by the Italian kit supplier.

Usually only club members are able to vote on kit designs, but Millwall have made it a public vote so fans from all clubs will be able to vote meaning the chances are the worst kit design will win. Unsurprisingly option 4, the pink kit is currently leading the way.

Option 1

Option 2


Option one and two are traditional looking Millwall FC designs both with a white base colour and navy details. Option 3 has a half white and half orange design whilst design four is pink with black details.

Option 3


Option 4


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Vote on the new Millwall 2015/16 away kit.

Voting ends October 17th

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