Manchester Utd Shirt Sponsorship Idea Rejected

It’s come to light that Manchester Utd wanted to investigate the idea of having sponsorship on the back of their jerseys, but the idea has been rejected by the rest of the Premier League clubs.


Currently under English Premier League rules sponsorship is banned on the back of jerseys although it is aloud in the FA Cup and League Cup.

In a recent Premier League meeting Manchester United wanted to discuss the idea of having the additional sponsor on the back of football shirts during league matches but the idea appears to have been rejected by the other 19 Barclay’s Premier League Clubs who fear it would could dilute the main shirt sponsorship deals.

So it seems United’s only realistic option is to get an extra shirt sponsor on their backs for English cup games.

Under the FA kit and advertising sponsorship is allowed on the back of a jersey in one single area, as long as it does not exceed 100 square centimetres. The same rule applies to the front the shirt although the maximum allowable size is 200 square centimetres.

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