Manchester United 2014/15 Away/3rd Shirt Leaked?

We have found a leaked image which could prove to be the new Manchester United 2014/15 away/3rd shirt.

The image is of a Tuk-Tuk driver in India wearing what is likely to be a counterfeit Man Utd jersey. But is it based on the design for United’s 14/15 alternate shirt?

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The jersey has a similar checked pattern to the 2013/14 away shirt except the squares are colour yellow and black. The yellow gradually fades out the and becomes black as you get to the top.

A yellow Nike swoosh is placed on the right breast whilst the MUFC badge is placed on the left breast. New Man Utd shirt sponsor Chevrolet have their name and logo in the middle of the jersey.

2 thoughts on “Manchester United 2014/15 Away/3rd Shirt Leaked?

  1. gaz7753 says:

    if the shirt leaks then they should get a better man u factorer, its probably made in thailand.

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