Madagascar 2021-22 Macron Kits

The Madagascar national team has joined forces with Italian manufacturer Macron to produce three shirts for their 2021-22 line.

Madagascar 2021 Macron Kits

The bold designs came in collaboration between Malagasy designer Rado, the Federation, and the team itself to create a striking uniform, with the nation’s heritage right at its core.

Madagascar 2021 Macron Kits

The home shirt includes the traditional colour of green, which features a bespoke two tone design, as well as an ‘Aloalo’ symbol found on the front of the jersey and the application of a head of a zebu, a ‘Barea’, at the front of the collar.

Madagascar 2021 Macron Kits

The away in red and third in white carry the same design and the uniformity of the shirts result in an excellent line-up for the island African nation.

Madagascar 2021 Macron Kits

The three main shirts are followed by a complementary black and pink training jersey sporting the same template.

Madagascar 2021 Macron Kits

Macron’s tailored efforts reflect upon the company’s wish to expand outside of Italy and into the international teamwear market. Their focus on cultural representations, collaboration with the team itself and attention to detail will ensure this design is a hit with kit fans from around the globe. 

By Olivia Peebles

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