Liverpool Third Kit 2013/14

The new Liverpool third Kit 2013/14 made by Warrior Sports has been officially released and it has to be one of the worst football kits EVER!

Liverpool 13 14 Third Kit

We leaked the images of the new Liverpool 3rd jersey a few months back people laughed and said no its just a fake or at best a training shirt. Sadly for the loyal supporters of the Anfield club the shirt is official but things get worse, the kit is completed with odd socks!

Liverpool 13 14 Third Shirt

Liverpool’s new third jersey is made up of black, purple and white with the bottom half of the shirt being made up of a ‘snazzy’ pattern (if you like that kind of thing!)

The Warrior logo, LFC badge and official shirt sponsor Standard Chartered all appear in the usual positions coloured gold.

The shorts have a base colour of white but features a black and purple pattern down each side.

Liverpool 13 14 Third Kit Shorts

Now for the strangest football socks we have ever seen, a white base colour with black hoops that gradually get smaller as they run down the sock, but for some reason the top of the right sock is coloured purple whilst the left is coloured black!

Liverpool 13 14 Third Kit Socks

New Liverpool kit in all its gory….glory!

Liverpool 13 14 Third Kit Sturridge

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