Liverpool 2014/15 Warrior Away Shirt Mock Up

Today we can reveal a mock up of what the new Liverpool 2014/15 Warrior away shirt will look like.


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The base colour of Liverpool’s new away shirt for next season is yellow but features a thin red wave across the top of the chest.

A red Warrior logo is placed on the right breast whilst the LFC badge is placed on the left breast. Standard Chartered continue to be then official shirt sponsors and have their name in the middle of the jersey again coloured red.

As ever with mock ups they are done from memory and so certain details could be missing but it gives you a good idea of what the Anfield club will be wearing away from home next season.

Credit goes to @nocturnalvin, @Ciaran_CP and @Jack_Hend who have seen the shirt in person and have created this mock image.

One thought on “Liverpool 2014/15 Warrior Away Shirt Mock Up

  1. Rief says:

    They weren’t trying very hard with this “red wave” cutting through the radioactive-urine Sea of Mediocrity design

    Warriors, come out and pla-a-ay? More like “take the piss and have a laugh.”

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