Lionel Messi To Give ‘Plastic Bag’ Boy Signed Shirt

After images appeared online last month of a small boy wearing a plastic bag with ‘Messi 10’ on the back, the Argentine and Barcelona forward has said he will meet and present him with a signed shirt.


After the moving image went online last month, a social media campaign began to find out who the young Messi fan was and now it’s confirmed to be five year old  Murtaza Ahmadi from Afghanistan.

Murtaza is a huge fan of the four time Ballor d’Or winner but unable to afford a replica Argentina Messi shirt the young boy opted to make his own with a blue and white striped carrier bag and a blue marker pen.

It’s now known that Azim Ahmadi, the young boys cousin posted the images online which spread like wildfire on social media.

The Afgan Football Association have been in contact with Barcelona’s representatives and have confirmed they have received emails from both the Spanish giants and Messi himself.

They said, “The leadership of the Afghan Football Federation (AFF) received emails from Lionel Messi and Barcelona regarding the meeting.”

Its been reported Messi will fly out to see Murtaza Ahmadi in person and give him a sign shirt.

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