Leaked Arsenal Away Shirt 2013/14 Made By Nike

Adidas will make the Arsenal FC football shirts from 14/15 but here are leaked images of the new  Arsenal Away Shirt 2013/14 Made By Nike.

This will be Nike’s last season manufacturing the Gunners football kits before Adidas take over for the 2014/15 season.

This leaked Arsenal away shirt for 2013/14 has a base colour of yellow but the collar and the end of the sleeves are made up of dark blue and dark red trim.

Official shirt sponsors Fly Emirates appear in the middle of the jersey coloured dark blue, as is the famous Nike Swoosh that appears on the right breast.

What do you think of the new Arsenal Away Shirt?

New Arsenal Away Shirt 13/14


8 thoughts on “Leaked Arsenal Away Shirt 2013/14 Made By Nike

  1. GGG says:

    It’s obviously fake. You can notice it has been used from the curvatures.
    If the shirt was leaked it will be a picture for the future design not a real shirt.
    Stop posting useless topics.

  2. Charles says:

    yellow shirt nice colour as it used sto be the gunners away shirt but would prefer to have diff coulourd sleaves of wither dark red or blue with blue or red trimmings to keep up the Arsenal tradition of having different couloured sleeves

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