Kilmarnock FC 150th Anniversary Crest Revealed

Football kit news from the Scottish Premier League as a special new Kilmarnock FC 150th Anniversary crest has been revealed by the club.

Kilmarnock FC 150th Anniversary Crest Revealed

The Kilmarnock 150th Anniversary crest uses key elements from the clubs history in a modern design.

Kilmarnock’s first badge was used up until 1977 and it was a simple sign of benediction on top of a football. In 1906 when the club first came a Limited Company badge was created and elements like the shield have been used on the 150th anniversary crest.

The squirrels from the old crest haven’t been added to the new crest as they belong to the town of Kilmarnock and the club wanted to concertante on specific elements of the club.

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