Indy Eleven 2020 Racing Indy Jersey

Soccer news from the USL Chsmpionship in the United States as the new Indy Eleven 2020 Racing Indy jersey was officially unveiled earlier today.

Indy Eleven 2020 Racing Indy Jersey

The 2020 Indy Eleven Racing Indy jersey is has a checkered pattern inspired by the checkered flag at the end of Indy 500 races whilst the collar and sleeves are coloured white.

A tricolour blue, white and red racing stripe runs down the centre of the front.

Honda have their logo in the centre of the football shirt whilst the Indy Eleven badge is placed on the left breast.

Joshua Mason the Indy Eleven Vice President of Marketing & Strategy said, “With the overwhelming response we received last year, we realized a new Racing Indy jersey needed to become a tradition for the club every May.”

“Rather than wait to release them on a game night at Lucas Oil Stadium like originally planned, we’re thrilled to debut them now so supporters of the club, the racing community and our city can wear them proudly at the Indy 500 in August.”

The back of the jersey also features a checkered pattern on the back although a large plain circle with a white border appears on the back to make room for the players number.

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