Iceland 2018 World Cup Kits Made By Errea

Iceland 2018 World Cup Kits Made By Errea

International kit news as the much anticipated Iceland 2018 World Cup kits made by Errea have been officially revealed this afternoon.

The Iceland home shirt is blue with a unique graphic on the sleeves. The top of the sleeves are white then a red and blue dotted gradient effect runs down to the sleeves to the cuffs with are blue with thin white trim. The white on the sleeves represents ice, whilst the red represents lava, whilst the blue is the melted water of the two combined.

A white Errea logo is placed on the right breast with the KSI badge on the left.

White ‘Fyrir Island’ lettering appears in the neckline.

Iceland 2018 World Cup Kits Made By Errea

The Iceland 2018 away shirt features the same template as the home jersey although the base colour is red.

Iceland third shirt 2018

Again the Iceland third shirt 2018 has the same template although white is the primary colour.

As well as three new outfield kits, Iceland will have three new goalkeeper jerseys that will be coloured, black, red and purple.

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