FC Pro Vercelli 120 years Commemorative Football Shirt

FC Pro Vercelli unveiled a Commemorative Football Shirt to celebrate their 120th year during the Christmas Sponsor Day, held on 6/12/12.

The FC Pro Vercelli 120 Year Football Shirt is a collaboration between Errea, FaSport and FC Pro Vercelli 1892. Non-profit organization Vercelli Biud10 sponsor this unique jersey with part of the proceeds go to the Foundation that was born in memory of Andrea Bodo.

Fabrizio Rizzi, CEO of Pro Vercelli, presented as follows: ” This shirt is the life of this society, its way along 120 years. The coat of arms of our Pro Vercelli was divided in half in an ideal bridge between the past and the present. A past full of glory, that’s why we decided to bring the names of players who have won championships, the names that have become a legend in history. The other half of the shield is the present, a present in which we are again protagonists in Serie B “.

Just under the badge there are 7 symbols to represent the seven championships won by Vercelli between 1908 and 1922.

pro vercelli 120th anniversary shirt

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