FC Barcelona ‘Intel Inside’ Shirt Sponsorship Deal

Today Spanish giants FC Barcelona have announced they’ve reached an agreement for Intel to sponsor the inside of the players jerseys for the next 3 years.

FC Barcelona resisted having a shirt sponsor for a number of years until they advertised children’s charity Unicef on the front of their jerseys and the Spanish club paid money to the charity. In 2011 Barca signed a deal with Qatar Sports Investment which sees the club earn 30 million Euros a season. This upset Unicef who had their name moved to the back of the playing jersey’s.

But in a new twist the club who resisted having a shirt sponsor for so many years now has two paying shirt sponsors after agreeing a 3 year deal worth 15 million Euros a season with computer chip manufacturer Intel. What’s interesting about this agreement though is that Intel will sponsor the INSIDE of Barcelona’s shirts with their ‘Intel Inside’ logo.

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The new sponsor will appear inside Barcelona’s 2013/14 shirts starting with Sunday’s match against Villareal.

In what is a stupid rule football players are often booked for removing their shirts during a game and yet the Inside sponsorship idea encourages players to lift their jersey’s. It will be interesting to see how this works out, will the rule be changed and will other clubs around the World follow Barcelona’s lead?

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