Design the 2022-23 Fiorentina Fourth Shirt

Football kit news from Italy as fans have the opportunity to design the new Kappa 2022-23 Fiorentina fourth shirt.

Design the 2022-23 Fiorentina Fourth Shirt
Design the 2022-23 Fiorentina Fourth Shirt

Supporters have until April 17th to submit their designs for next season’s fourth shirt with the winning design chosen by the Fiorentina fans.

There are a few basic rules that need to be taken into consideration when designing the 2022-23 Fiorentina fourth shirt.

The primary colors cannot be purple or green.

You can also use more than 3 colors as long as one is dominant.

You can propose a circled, striped, banded or checked design… but there must always be a dominant color.

You cannot replicate the Fiorentina logo or its elements (for example you cannot use the lily, the V of Viola, the name “ACF Fiorentina”).

You cannot modify or move the Fiorentina logo, the Kappa logo or the Mediacom logo.
You cannot change the shape of the shirt (collar, sleeves … the structure must remain as it is).

Each participant can propose only one jersey.

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