Controversial Boca Juniors Pink Third Shirt To Make Debut?

Boca Juniors pink third shirt is one of the most controversial football shirts in recent seasons but it’s finally set to make its debut.

Its become the norm these days for clubs to have a 3rd kit as well as the traditional home and away strips but from day one when the new pink Boca Juniors third jersey was revealed it was met with disgust from both the Boca fans and fans of rival clubs, so much so that threats were made to the Argentine leaders if it was used!

So the Boca board chose to delay using the kit until things had calmed down. They decided that they would debut the shirt in October against Godoy Cruz to celebrate Mothers Day but again fans caused an uproar on social media sites Facebook & Twitter so the debut of the pink kit was postponed.

But in a new twist the Argentine Football Association have confirmed through its official gazette No. 4849 that Boca MUST wear the controversial kit Sunday against Gimnasia La Plata at Boca’s home stadium the Bombonera.

Will the Boca Juniors 3rd kit finally be used or will it be postponed again? And if it is used how will the Boca fans react? We’ll keep you posted on the events from todays game.

One thought on “Controversial Boca Juniors Pink Third Shirt To Make Debut?

  1. Smoothkaos says:

    Are Argentine and Boca men in particular so uptight and insecure with their manhood that they’ll let the color pink on their jersey bother them this badly? Wow. Breast cancer awareness, Susan G. Koman, & T-mobile are just a few major world players that use pink. This stupidity makes one want to down a bottle of Pepto Bismol! Oh wait, the Argentines might not like that so shhhh don’t tell anybody. *rolling my eyes* They are acting like a bunch of pansies out of fear of looking like one. LMAO

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