Carbrini Birmingham City 2015-16 140th Anniversary Home Shirts Feature Botched Crests

Although Birmingham City are sitting fourth in the Championship their fans are becoming increasingly unhappy with the new 2015-16 140th anniversary home shirt after a number of the club crests appear to be botched!

Supporters were already unhappy as two months into the season the club have been unable to fulfil a number of preorders taken prior to the start of the 2015-16 season but fans of The Blues face further disappointment as a number of the special 140th anniversary crests on the home shirt made by Carbrini are defective.

Mark William’s posted the picture above and then commented on the Birmingham City Facebook Page saying ‘Very very disappointed after all the delays with the new kit, I spent 2 hours in the club shop on Saturday getting my two boyskits with names and numbers on costing me £144 to find when we get home they can’t even spell the club name right on the badge!!!!’

Another fan checked his shirt after seeing Mark’s post and also noticed the poor stitching on the jersey.


Mel Teague posted the image below and went on to say ‘My 7yr old boy waited so long for this and this is the quality you supply. Unbelievable’


Birmingham City have yet to comment but we’ll update you as soon as we get more information.

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