Brondby IF Home Kit 2015 Made By Hummel

Football shirt news from the Danish Superliga this evening as the new Brondby IF home kit 2015 made by Hummel has been revealed.

The 2015 Brondby home shirt which is inspired by the clubs home ground the Brondby Stadion has a yellow base colour with dark yellow horizontal stripes that run down the sides of the jersey which resemble the steps into the stadium.

The opening of the colour has a vertical navy stripe with a thin yellow stripe running down the middle of it inspired by the ‘Yellow Blue Army’. Inside the neckline is a timeline of Brondby’s Championship and Cup wins.

Hummel’s familiar chevron’s on the top of the shoulders are coloured ‘Blue Estate’ as are the cuffs, Hummel on the right breast and official shirt sponsor ‘’ in the middle of the jersey.

Blue shirts and socks complete the Brondby IF home kit 2015.

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