Brazil League Clubs Football Shirts Coming To Europe & US

A number of Brazilian League Football shirts of clubs such as Corinthians & Flamengo are set to be sold in Europe & US.

That is the aim of Pedro Trengrouse a Brazilian Sports official, a lawyer who works for the National Sports Council. Trengrouse says he wants to end the “very dangerous one-way globalisation” that sees football shirts sold in Brazil from the top European football clubs such as Manchester Utd and AC Milan but not vice versa.

Trengrouse wants to see shirts from Brazilian clubs such as Flamengo and Corinthians sold across Europe in cities such as London and Rome.

Trengrouse says “Foreign clubs have long been developing their brands abroad, but I haven’t been able to find one shirt of a Brazilian club team overseas.”

“We need to access the global market… the World Cup and the 12 new stadiums will represent a change… of bringing more commercialisation to Brazilian football.”

Do you think the Brazilian League club football shirts would sell well in Europe.

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