Bohemian FC Forced To Redesign 2019 Away Shirt

News from Ireland as Bohemian FC have been forced to redesign their Bob Marley inspired 2019 away shirt due to a licensing issue.

Bohemian FC Forced To Redesign 2019 Away Shirt

The club purchased the license for the Bob Marley image from a leading third party licensing company. Unfortunately for Bohemian FC the Bob Marley representative agency contacted the club to say that the third party had no right to grant the license and so the image could not be used.

Bohemian FC Forced To Redesign 2019 Away Shirt

Although the redesigned jersey has the same template the Bob Marley image has been replaced with a clenched raised fist, a symbol of solidarity, support, strength and resistance.

Anyone than pre ordered the Bohemian FC 2019 away shirt with Bob Marley on it will have the option for a full refund, store credit or can have the redesigned away shirt instead.

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