Arsenal 2014/15 Puma Catalogue Images Leaked!

Today we can reveal leaked images from inside the new Arsenal 2014/15 Puma Catalogue!

In the Summer former British Athlete Linford Christie tweeted a picture of him alongside Arsenal legend Thierry Henry who appeared to be wearing the new 2014/15 Arsenal home shirt made by Puma. Linford removed the image shortly after posting it on the social media but it was too late, it had gone viral amongst Arsenal fans.


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One of the images from the Arsenal catalogue shows Henry wearing a white T-shirt that has the outline of London on the chest.


Another one of the images shows Olivier Giroud wearing a training top with what appears to be the new home shorts and socks. The shorts are white whilst the socks are also white but with red hoops.


Other images show Arsenal t-shirts and jackets.


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