Arsenal 2014/15 Puma Away Shirt Leaked?

Today we can reveal this leaked image of what appears to be the new Arsenal 2014/15 away shirt made by Puma.

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Former British athlete Linford Christie leaked the new Arsenal 2014/15 home shirt months ago after posting a picture of Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry wearing the new jersey on social media site Twitter.

The new Arsenal 14/15 away shirt has a base colour of yellow but the sleeves and tops of the shoulders are coloured dark blue. The ‘V’ neck collar is also coloured dark blue although it has yellow trim.

A red Puma cat is placed on the top of the right breast whilst the AFC crest is placed on the top of the left breast. Fly Emirates continue to sponsor the North London club and have their name in the middle of the jersey coloured red. A thin vertical stripe runs down each side of the jersey.

One thought on “Arsenal 2014/15 Puma Away Shirt Leaked?

  1. Smoothkaos says:

    So Chelsea Away, ManU Third, Liverpool Away, Spurs Third, Crystal Palace Away, and now Arsenal Away are all gonna be YELLOW?! Count ’em, 6 yellow kits?! YUCK

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