Alisha Lehmann Be Brave Vanity Kit EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team

Football kit news from EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team as Alisha Lehmann has launched her new Be Brave Vanity kit that is available now in the popular video game franchise.

Alisha Lehmann Be Brave Vanity Kit
Alisha Lehmann Be Brave Vanity Kit

The design of the kit is inspired by the Aston Villa stars various rose tattoos and sees a small rose in the centre of the chest whilst a large rose appears on the lower half of the jersey beneath the ‘Be Brave’ text.

Alisha Lehmann Be Brave Vanity Kit

The shoulder panels feature a subtle rose pattern whilst on the left breast is the Alisha Lehmann badge.

On the right breast is the EA Sports FC 24 logo.

Alisha Lehmann Be Brave Vanity Kit

Talking about her new Be Brave vanity kit Alisha said, ‘If you would have told me as a little girl growing up near Bern I would be launching my own Vanity Kit on EA Sports FC I would’ve laughed in your face so for girls from small towns like mine it just proves anything is possible if you have the determination and desire,’

Obviously compared to countries like France and England Switzerland is tiny but sometimes the underdog can win and that’s what we have to hope for.

I’ve always felt that people should express themselves however they want. Being truthful, I don’t pay much attention to what people say about me but if I’m inspiring the next generation to play football, while looking however they want to look, then that would make me very proud.’

‘I think everyone knows now that I have a lot of tattoos and one is a rose,’ she says. ‘The rose is very symbolic, especially the ‘Red Rose’.

‘My mum and sister have the same tattoo, we got them together, it symbolises us as a family, growing together, with love and happiness. Now through my Vanity Kit I can share this with the world.’

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