AFC Bedale Transparent Kit 2021-22

Non league football kit news as the new AFC Bedale Transparent kit has been officially unveiled, the first ever see through football kit in the World!

AFC Bedale Transparent Kit 2021-22​
AFC Bedale Transparent Kit 2021-22

Over the past few years the AFC Bedale have used their striking food related kits to raise awareness and money for Prostate Cancer, with this being their most daring kit to date as it is transparent!

The new Bedale shirt 2021-22 is completely transparent with a Prostate Cancer logo on the right breast and the club badge on the left breast.

In the centre of the chest is white ‘Don’t Forget To Check’ text with two white arrows pointing to the groin.

The shorts are also transparent although they do feature a sausage based graphic on the top half with the Heck Sausages logo on the bottom of right of the graphic.

A white arrow runs up both leg point to the groin area, to highlight the need for man to check their testicles on a regular basis.

Finally the socks are black with white ‘Check Your Balls’ text with three white Aries pointing up.

AFC Bedale Transparent Kit 2021-22​
AFC Bedale Transparent Kit 2021-22

On the back of the see through jersey is white ‘Time To Get Stuck In’ text.

As with the front, two arrows point down on the jersey whilst the white arrows on the shorts point up.

With every AFC Bedale shirt sold, £5 will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.

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