AC Cesena 2013/14 Home Shirt Vote

Italian Serie B side AC Cesena will let supporters choose the design of their new 2013/14 Errea home shirt with a vote on Facebook.

Cesena fans can vote on one of the five shirts available and the shirt with most votes will be worn by the club’s players next season.

The winning design will also be used for the clubs away kit although this jersey will be black with white details, opposite to the home shirt.

Choice 1
A white base colour with rough black vertical stripes down the jersey. The end of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt are also coloured black.

Cesena Shirt Coice 1

Choice 2
A white base colour with two black vertical stripes on the left hand side of the shirt. The clubs badge is placed on these stripes on the left breast. Half way down the black stripes a seahorse! The pinstripe trim on the collar and the sleeves is orange.

Cesena Choice 2

Choice 3
Choice 3 has a black collar and black on the back of the sleeves.

Cesena Choice 3

Choice 4

Choice 4 is the only shirt to feature a polo neck collar. The end of the sleeves are black and there is a seahorse on the left hand side of the jersey.

Cesena Choice 4

Choice 5

Choice 5 features a thin orange vertical stripe down the middle of the shirt this is sandwiched by two thicker black stripes which are sandwiched by two thicker black stripes.

Cesena Choice 5

Currently choice 2 is winning the vote, but which design would you choose?

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